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14 Day Trial Plan

Before joining 14 days trial plan, please read the terms and conditions carefully. When you pay the deposit, you will be deemed to have read and agreed the terms.

Terms & Conditions
  1. The product is owned by Lifetrons Switzerland and is only available for loan to the user.
  2. The products used in this project are all display machines, and the packaging or machine may not be brand new.
  3. Products are strictly tested before shipment to ensure that the product can be used normally.
  4. We will provide small bottle of RF gel for Eye Rejuvenator RE-100 trial plan.
  5. The product trial period is 14 days, and the package signing date is the first day of trial. Users must submit the delivery to the logistics company on or before the 14th day. Users do not have to pay for shipping fee.
  6. When returning the product, the user must ensure that the appearance of the product and the packaging carton are not damaged. If the package contains a charging cable, it must be returned.
  7. Limited quantity of product.

Deposit instructions
  1. The trial plan will charge HKD$999 as a deposit, which can be paid by credit card or bank transfer.
  2. The credit card will be used to pay the deposit and the money will be refunded to your credit card account without any processing charges.
  3. Upon receipt of the returned product, we will immediately check that the product, packaging and accessories are not damaged. If the product is damaged or omitted, part of the deposit will be deducted.
  4. When the product is confirmed to be intact, the deposit will be refunded within 2 working days.
  5. If we have not received the product within the overdue period of more than 5 days, we will deduct the deposit of HKD$300; if it is overdue for more than 10 days, the deposit will be deducted in full. The product still has to be returned.

Trial Promotion Discount
  1. In order to thank users for supporting Lifetrons Switzerland products, after the user returns the product, we will give you a promotional code.
  2. Users can enjoy the discount on the website with the discount code.