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Terms and Conditions

1. Area of Application
These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern the finalization, content and handling of contracts between Lifetrons Switzerland (hereinafter referred to as Lifetrons) and its customers (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) in conjunction with the sale of products and services (hereinafter referred to as Products) via the www.lifetrons.ch or www.lifetrons.hk platform.

2. Ordering the Products
2.1 Obligations of the Customer
The Customer shall undertake to provide true information when ordering Products. Those persons under the age of 18 or those who are not responsible for their own affairs confirm through their order that they have the consent of their legal representative for concluding the business at hand.
2.2 Free Gifts: Due to shipping restrictions, some free gifts may not be able to send to non-Hong Kong addresses. Customers will not be compensated for those free gifts.

2.2 Password
The Customer shall undertake to carefully protect his personal password. Lifetrons shall not be held liable under any circumstances for incorrect or improper use of this password.

2.3 Recording Orders
The recordings made by Lifetrons relating to the orders placed by the Customer shall be considered as correct as long as clarifications show that there are no indications of transmission errors related to them.

3. Agreement Finalization & Recall
3.1 Agreement Finalization
The presentation of the products at www.lifetrons.hk shall be considered an offering. An agreement comes into being when the products are ordered or, in case a service is provided directly online, when the service is obtained by the Customer.

3.2 Recall
A finalized agreement may not be recalled under any circumstances. 

4. Delivery of the Ordered Products
4.1 Place of Delivery and Supplies
The delivery of the Products may take place anywhere in the world, in principle. The delivery of physical Products shall only be possible as long as supplies last.

4.2 Delivery Date
As soon as an order is received by Lifetrons, a delivery to the Customer will be sent via Hong Kong Post or Express Courier (example: DHL express) within 72 hours. Products are always delivered after payment reception.

4.3 Delivery Delays
The Customer may be informed of any possible delivery delays by tracking their order online. If the Products are no longer available (see section 4.1), the order shall be cancelled or a substitution will be offered. Amounts already paid by the Customer shall be repaid at the time of the cancellation. No provision or allowance shall be made for any further claims from the Customer, in particular damage claims resulting from delivery delays. Lifetrons cannot guarantee the delivery time due to customs. Lifetrons is NOT responsible for any duty fees associated with customs at time of arrival to your country.

Shipping Disclaimer: Lifetrons cannot guarantee any delivery time frames due to international customs in each country handling packages differently. Lifetrons is not responsible for any duty fees (if any) associated with your order. Lifetrons is not responsible for lost or stolen mail. We do not guarantee exact shipping times and dates.

5. Prices & Payment Terms
5.1 Prices
All prices at Lifetrons are subject to change without prior notice.

5.2 Payment
The Customer shall pay Lifetrons the prevailing price published on www.lifetrons.hk at the time the agreement is finalized.

5.3 Certificates
The purchase price is due even if a certificate cannot be issued through fault of the Customer.

5.4 Billing
The Customer may not settle amounts due to Lifetrons with any possible counterclaims.

6. Forms of Payment
The Customer may chose among various forms of payment. If the Customer pays by credit card, he authorizes Lifetrons to cede its receivable claims to the corresponding credit card company. In this case, the applicable terms and conditions in the credit card agreement shall apply.

7. Warranty & Liability
7.1 Warranty
If the Products are defective, the Customer may exchange these for error-free products provided that he has reported the defect on time (see section 7.2). If it is not possible to offer the Customer a replacement of equal value, he shall have the right to terminate the agreement and request a refund of the purchase price after returning the Products (for physical Products) less any appropriate costs for use/shipping and handling. These warranty provisions shall apply in place of the warranty and related damage claim provisions provided for under the Hong Kong law.

7.2 Notification of Defects
The Customer shall check the Products upon receipt. In any case, defects must be reported to Lifetrons immediately (within 7 days of receipt) after they are discovered in writing or electronically. The defect report should describe the type and the exact location of the error. The defective Products must be sent to the contact address listed in section 9.6 after the defect has been reported and after arranging this with Lifetrons. The Customer pays for return shipment costs.

7.3 Liability
Lifetrons shall not be held liable in any form, in particular for damages, which result from the incorrect installation, handling or use of Products as well as through delivery delays or resulting from the quality or the loss of the information provided by the Customer.

8. Data Protection & Data Security
8.1 Protection of Personal Data
Lifetrons shall conform to the legal guidelines of Swiss data protection legislation when recording and processing the personal information of its Customers. It shall undertake all economically feasible and technically and organizationally possible precautions to effectively protect any information received as part of the handling of an agreement from unauthorized access by outside parties.

8.2 Data Processing
The Customer shall consent to Lifetrons using all sign-in and usage information for market research and advertising purposes (such as for references) as part of the preparation of an offering appropriate to the market. Lifetrons may match such information in an anonymous form with user information from other parties or prepared user statistics and provide these to other parties.

8.3 Circulation of Personal Information
Lifetrons shall only pass on personal information to other parties if this is necessary for the fulfillment of the agreement. The other parties may not use received personal information for their own purposes or otherwise transfer it to others. If personal information must be transferred abroad for the fulfillment of the agreement, Lifetrons shall bind the third parties contractually to the conditions spelled out in section 8.

9. Other Terms & Conditions
9.1 Involvement of Other Parties
Lifetrons may involve other parties for the performance of its services at any time.

9.2 Changes to the General Terms & Conditions
Lifetrons may change these General Terms & Conditions at any time.

9.3 Salvatory Clause
If a term or condition of this agreement shall become ineffective or void, the effectiveness of the remaining content of the agreement shall not be affected. The ineffective or void term or condition shall be replaced by Lifetrons with a legally permitted term or condition, which shall come as close as possible to the economic or contractual intent of the original provisions. The same shall apply to any possible loopholes in the agreement.

9.4 Original Text
These General Terms and Conditions will be translated into several languages. In case of contradictions, the English version shall be used for reference as the source text.

9.5 Jurisdiction & Applicable Law
The courts holding jurisdiction in Hong Kong shall be responsible for settling disputes arising from this agreement. For consumer agreement disputes, the courts holding jurisdiction at the domicile or headquarters of one of the parties shall hold jurisdiction; for Lifetrons suits, the court holding jurisdiction at the domicile of the sued party shall be responsible. Consumer agreements are contracts relating to services, which are intended for the personal or family needs of the customer. Hong Kong law shall apply.